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Although we’ve already raised 85% of our funding goal in only one month, it is important to act now! The future for all creators is at stake, so help us tell this long overdue story about the issues facing musicians and creators of all kinds. We believe films have the power to change public perception, and right now the creative world is at a crucial moment that needs our attention. While we all enjoy and depend on the music, books, films, journalism, and “content” that the internet revolution has enabled, there are new technologies, government policies, and hundreds of millions of dollars being made at the expense of creators that greatly impact their ability to continue creating the things we all love and depend on.

It is imperative that we tell this compelling story now. We must ensure that creators of music, books, films, and journalism do not continue to have their important contributions to society devalued. They must have a sustainable future so that they can continue to create the things that we all love and depend on. Help us tell their story.